What we believe


To be strategic IT management advisors of choice for senior executives in Fortune 100 companies looking for proven capability in strategy and management of large, complex, and high-risk projects.

To be recognized as a thought-leader by CEOs and CIOs in the arena of strategic management of IT organizations and their programs.

Principles - Substance, Relevance, Results:

External Perspective


Provide the people and expertise that are equivalent or superior to that of the industry leaders at a reasonable price.


Bring the most forward-thinking, industry-specific knowledge, and methodologies to fast-track our ability to deliver a solution to the customer's problem.


Bring experts who have "done it before" and can successfully execute strategy to create measurable and significant positive results.

Internal Perspective


To provide the best compensation, mentally stimulating and meaningful engagements to our consultants and create a working environment which is collegial, collaborative, and flexible.


Value people for their contributions and accomplishments and respect their needs to balance family and work in a manner that minimizes stress. Our goal is also to create an environment which is entrepreneurial and pragmatic, while minimizing bureaucracy and politics.


Provide the required templates, tools, and methodologies to minimize duplication of effort and to create superior quality deliverables.


To deliver superior Information Technology strategy and management consulting services to maximize clients' business performance by integrating strategic change, process improvements and technology solutions. Knowsys achieves this by providing consultants who are seasoned executives that have successfully addressed these challenges and have in-depth industry sector experience. Added to this experience is a library of best practises and methodologies, which allow Knowsys to accelerate results and reduce the time required to achieve them.

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