Technology Strategy, Architecture, and Process Improvement Practice

Knowsys Technology Services helps you deliver available, integrated and cost effective solutions through:

• Effective Information Technology Services 

• Strategic Advisory Services 

• Electronic Commerce Strategy & Implementation

Organizations today face increasing cycles of change with respect to competition, customer expectations and technology. Strategic use of technology solutions play a critical role in achieving competitive advantage, however, the odds don't favour project success: 

• Less than 1 in 4 IT projects finish On-time, On-budget 

• Demand for technology support and integration rising at double digit rates while IT budgets are rising only 5 to 7% 

• Technological change demands a continual, dynamic and expensive learning curve. 

The challenges facing your technology services team are greater than ever

Defining, implementing and supporting an IT infrastructure that can handle constant business growth and technological change has always been an ambitious undertaking. Today's business decisions need to be fully supported and enabled by savvy IT teams in step with management and its vision. Neither budget nor time constraints should be allowed to undermine business objectives.

Need to deliver 7 x 24 web-enabled solutions

Providing customers and partners with access to web based applications offers your organization the potential to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve logistics. Web enabled solutions havebecome a critical success factor for competitive advantage. But constant availability of technology solutions can only be ensured if they have been well-tested.

Trust is hard to gain yet easy to lose

Building electronic relationships with customers and partners takes time and effort. But, this investment in the customer franchise is easily wasted. Examples abound of lapses in security, resulting in red-faced companies having to apologize for the invasion of their customers privacy because technology solutions were not properly secured. Once trust is lost, it is all but impossible to regain.

If the customer is King, service is a priority

More than ever the customer is King and ensuring the best possible customer service means not only putting in place the right technology solutions, but also the processes to make sure they are well-managed. A well managed IT infrastructure depends on understanding the interactions across the IT life cycle, then establishing and enabling the processes that ensure success.


IT Strategy - Architecture Planning & Review

We help IT shift its focus from unrelated, individual technology "projects", to seeing themselves as the engineers of technology driven "products and services" for the company as a whole. A competency in delivering projects is no longer a baseline for best practices. We can help your IT department become adept at defining, building and marketing IT based products which both internal and external customers need.

Product/Service and Account Management

Knowsys aligns IT and business with efficient and timely delivery of business value. The focus is at establishing IT radar for market and internal requirements and maintaining a long-lasting trusted partnership. By applying traditional marketing principles to your technology organizations, Knowsys consultants will create and implement 'simple' Product and Account Management processes.

Zachman Framework Architecture

Knowsys consultants facilitate the implementation of The Zachman Framework, a matrix which provides a complete view of all the functioning components defining the enterprise. Knowsys consultants work with the business to help identify the primitive artifacts in each cell of the framework in order to benefit from reusability and traceability of enterprise architecture from conception through to implementation. When fully implemented, normalized enterprise models reduce rework and integration which is often required when a plethora of point-in-time IT solutions have effectively managed to disintegrate the enterprise, a condition which is all too common today. Knowsys' goal is to focus on the key advantage of framework architecture, the ability to manage primitive data, processes and business system artefacts of which the enterprise is comprised. With knowledge and information driving the pace of change exponentially, organizations with real control and integration of their enterprise components will maintain a competitive advantage.

ITIL Assessment, Project Planning and Implementation

Knowsys employs one of the few ITIL Masters in Canada. All of the resources used on ITIL engagements have at a minimum the basic foundation certification. We have been using ITIL to improve the way our customers run their IT organizations, long before many organizations knew what ITIL was.

Our practitioners have been involved in numerous ITSM engagements for Management Board Secretariat, Rogers Communications, Northern Telecom, Bank of Montreal, Nesbitt Burns, IBM, HP and TD Bank over the past seven years.

Knowsys has embraced ITIL from the inception of our company. Specifically the ITIL approach is the foundation for Knowsys' TSM Framework. Knowsys understands what it takes to successfully implement a large-scale, complex ITSM program. We have taken the generic ITIL process model and customized it to meet each customer's specific organizational and technology requirements. Our 'real world' approach ensures that each projects unique characteristics and challenges are carefully managed.

Specifically, we draw upon our considerable experience from a corporate, as well as practitioner perspective in order to communicate the valuable lessons that other organizations have learned with respect to successful ITSM implementation. Our Managing Partner for ITIL services is accredited at a Masters level, while many of the other members of our team have earned the Foundation Certification.

IT Service Management Framework (ITIL)

Knowsys is one of a handful of organizations in North America selected by the Ontario Government to provide ITIL related services. Knowsys best practice implementations represent world-class IT infrastructure and have achieved CMM and ITIL certifications.

Infrastructure Project Management

Knowsys provides Project Management in the context of effective Program Management for all types of enterprise architecture, and for all kinds of purposes such as OEC for manufacturing test systems, Help Desk and Call Center reengineering, Network and DRP initiatives.

Help Desk / Call Centre Re-engineering

Knowsys has experience managing and defining optimum business processes for consolidated Help Desk reengineering across, in some cases, several large and autonomous organizations. Definitions include roles and responsibilities, staffing levels and technology infrastructures and defined target service levels. Services also include contract negotiations between clients and their vendors as well as day-to-day operations of a support organization.

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