Knowsys Group Ltd. is helping organizations globally, in Canada, the US, and Europe develop the power and knowledge to proactively reduce/avoid costs with respect to software license management. We have helped clients fight hundreds of audits, saved them hundreds of millions of dollars, and actively manage and mitigate this risk for them on an ongoing basis. We manage software compliance management on 340,000 desktops/servers globally, through our managed services offering.

Software Asset Compliance is about reducing and managing costs and not just managing your existing software assets. Here are some considerations that you can evaluate with respect to your organization:


·         Are you the subject of perennial vendor audits with expensive and unplanned software expenditures?

·         Are you a major user of ERP applications and are not 100% sure as to what your software compliance position is on your servers as well as your desktop estate?

·         Are you in good shape with respect to desktop software compliance, but are not at a similar level of maturity with respect software compliance on your server estate (e.g. IBM ILMT)?

·         Are you in an outsourcing relationship where the outsourcing vendor is responsible for providing you with your software asset compliance on your desktop and/or server estate?

·         Do you have a software asset management team, but believe that there is room for improvement with respect to efficiency, maturity, and effectiveness?

·         Are you using the services of one of the big “4” consulting firms in the SAM space, but are concerned about conflict of interest given that these same companies are contracted by vendors to do the very audits you are trying to combat or avoid?

·         Multiple installs of software applications focused on delivering the same result?

·         Paying for expensive service agreements on redundant applications?


Knowsys Group Ltd., a global leader for twenty years in management consulting services focused on “Running IT as a Business” and  the delivery of independent Software Licence Compliance Management (SLiC Services) to Fortune 500 organizations,  provides the following:


  • Independent Validation and Verification of Compliance Position (IV&V)
  • Audit Defense Services,
  • Asset Management Risk and Gap Assessments
  • Organizational Transformation, Best Practices Implementation and Education
  • Software Asset Management Compliance Reporting-Managed Services

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