Leadership, Strategy and Organization Development Practice

How do you build greatness in an organization amidst crises and chaos? What makes an enduring leader? How do you translate leadership, vision, and strategy into an organization’s culture, values, and results? These are the over-arching issues facing every organization today. Knowsys leverages its senior, international executive team, and industry expertise to create practical and executable solutions.

Knowsys provides services in the areas of : 

• Corporate/Business Unit Strategy and Implementation 
• Organizational Design

Corporate Strategy

Corporate synergy. Making the corporate "whole" worth more than the sum of its parts is the biggest challenge facing many multi-business companies. We work with clients to define a role for the corporate center that goes beyond monitoring operations, allocating resources, and coordinating shared functions.

Uncovering strategic options hidden among the intangible assets in companies' core businesses can provide new growth avenues. Knowsys helps companies review their portfolios to identify such growth potential.

Business Unit Strategy

Business unit strategy. A powerful business unit strategy focuses on creating shareholder value by producing products and services whose value exceeds the cost of providing them; capturing value from competitors, customers, and suppliers; competing successfully against others for market share; and cooperating selectively to enlarge the potential market. 

Knowsys work with clients to formulate strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented in highly uncertain business environments – while also managing the risks. We give clients tools, frameworks, and planning and decision-making processes that help them make solid strategic choices, even in turbulent markets.

Organizational Design

Questions of organizational structure and strategy are perennial issues though they don't usually grab the headlines. But when they do – as in the uproar over corporate governance – these issues can change the way executives think about and carry out their work.

Our experience and research on governance and organization design enable us to help organizations create internal and external governance for competitive advantage. We have particular experience with the special problems of global and globalizing firms.

• Governance – assuring a voice for investors, establishing the    right balance of power between the board and executive    team, measuring board effectiveness;

• Organizational design – building effective operating systems,    defining the role of the corporate center, identifying    appropriate structures and spans of control; 

• Post-merger management – when the occasion arises,    implementing an organization plan that captures combined    strengths and supports the goals of the deal; and

• Performance management – enhancing individual and team    performance (including executive teams), assessing,    developing and rewarding talent, and building a performance    culture;

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