The Risk of Mediocrity

To earn attractive returns in this industry you have to be a distinctive player. Average performance doesn't interest investors. The gap between winners and losers is growing for publicly traded companies both in the property-casualty and in the life insurance markets.

In the $300 billion dollar plus property and casualty insurance business, distinctive performance requires transactional excellence – the superior management of claims, underwriting, and operating costs. The two best indicators of transactional excellence are:


Front-line people drive the economics of the insurance business. A junior underwriter can bind the company to a policy with tens of millions of dollars, or more, in potential liability. To mitigate those risks, you must be able to give 100 underwriters the same file and see little variation in the price quotes they generate. Many companies lack that methodical approach to the market at the front line.


Companies must be able to aggregate their decisions so that CEOs can see how their risk profile is evolving, and take risks explicitly, not implicitly. There's a winner's curse in the industry. You can make good decisions 95 percent of the time, but if you don't address your flawed 5 percent of decisions, you'll have a portfolio of policies that, in just 5 years, is generating 30 percent less than it should in premiums.

Knowsys group’s Insurance Practice serves clients across the full spectrum of insurance and asset management sectors. The practice knowledge domain includes all areas specific to risk and asset management, including underwriting, pricing, distribution, claims management, IT, operational effectiveness, and investment management.

Property and Casualty Insurance

In the P&C sector, we work with both personal and commercial lines carriers to identify and develop new business opportunities and to improve operational performance in an increasingly global arena.

Life Insurance and Wealth Accumulation

We help clients shape distinctive strategies for the rapidly converging life insurance and asset management sectors and develop the excellence necessary for continued success.


We offer guidance and expertise to reinsurers on new approaches to covering corporate risks; on global business strategy and investment management; and on opportunities in life and health reinsurance.

IT in Insurance

Our broad IT strategy development work with clients focuses on six key drivers: business requirements, technology architecture, application portfolio, organizational capability, technology infrastructure, and economic priorities.

Getting it right in life

While many companies have counted on technology to lower costs, so far their investment in call centers, Internet access, and customer-support software has actually increased their total service costs. Of even greater concern to life insurers: looming payouts to the millions of Baby Boomers worldwide soon to enter retirement, and the industry's failure to develop innovative products for this segment.

Closing the gap

Insurers are battling to stabilize the ship and return to profitable growth. No one is sure where the industry is heading. But closing even a few of the performance gaps between best practice and common practice in the industry can make a big difference to companies, their policyholders, and investors.

We are ready to help you tackle some of the most challenging insurance industry issues including:

  • Improving financial efficiency with optimal capital allocation;
  • Delivering cost reductions to improve competitive advantage;
  • Responding to customer demand through innovation;
  • Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  • Market consolidating via mergers and acquisitions (M&A); and
  • Managing capital through reinsurance.

Knowsys’ dedicated insurance professionals team with all types of insurers—including general, property and casualty, life and pensions businesses—to envision and achieve significant gains in operational and cost efficiency, revenue growth and speed to market. Our expertise and innovative application of leading-edge technologies and tools helps our clients achieve high performance. 

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