We provide solutions to many of issues for government and the public sector including:

Knowsys is working with government and other public sector organizations to meet the challenges they face and keep their organizations relevant and effective by providing a comprehensive range of advisory, and management services.

Greater efficiency, economy and effectiveness in service delivery and improved performance while meeting the demands of increasing expectations and demands for broader service.

Managing the increasing fiscal pressures and the expanding risk profiles of government and public sector organizations while demonstrating fiscally responsible management of public resources.

Responding to pressure for more timely relevant information, greater transparency, disclosure and accountability while continuing to provide privacy and security protection of individuals and organizations being served.

Understanding and implementing new governmentand public sector accounting and financial management guidelines, policies and practices.

Managing and making large scale investmentsin infrastructure and operations while demonstrating, tracking and reporting publicly on the value for money proposition inherent in the projects.

Gaining maximum value from investments in information technology through planning, sourcing, implementation support and operations; bringing best practices and discipline to IT while simultaneously improving service levels and maintaining reliable continuity of operations.

Transforming and reforming troubled organizations and individual operational units that are facing uncertainty and change that has lead to underperformance, while meeting the need to maintain continuity of service as alternate recovery plans are put in place.

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